Unity Men’s Retreat

by Jeffrey Varkonyi

Amidst the tranquil shores of Lake Tahoe,
Where nature’s beauty overflows,
The Unity Church men gathered to retreat,
For a weekend of peace, much needed and sweet.

They arrived at Zephyr Point, a serene escape,
A place where they could their troubles reshape.
With open hearts and attentive ears,
They shared their stories and faced their fears.

In the whispering pines, they found solace,
And in the shimmering waters, they found a promise.
With each passing moment, they grew closer,
And their unity strengthened, a bond like no other.

Days were spent in quiet reflection,
As they walked, meditated, and sought connection.
Nights were filled with meaningful conversation,
As they shared insights and found inspiration.

In this haven of love and grace,
The men found solace and an inner space.
They left with hearts full and spirits renewed,
Ready to face life with a clearer view.

(I used the Artificial Intelligence application ChatGPT to assist in creating this poem. I asked ChatGPT what prompts I used, and this was the response from ChatGPT, “To generate this poem, I used my knowledge of poetry composition and language along with the given prompt “Create a poem about the Unity Church men’s retreat at Zephyr Point, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.”)