Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

MainLink eSports cares about “doing business right” in meeting the needs of our global customers, employees, and communities. It is inherent in our culture. How we get our results at MainLink eSports is just as important as the results themselves, and an important measure of our company’s success.

Clear guidelines related to ethical behavior, safety requirements and environmental practices are communicated to employees worldwide. 

Our Vision

Our vision and mission is to provide products and services that help you succeed in the Esports industry.

Environmental, health, safety, and sustainability

Sustainable business: We are committed to being a global leader in safeguarding the health and safety of our employees and protecting the environment. 

Employee safety: We believe that the safety and health of our employees are of the highest importance. We seek to prevent accidents, injuries, and occupational illnesses and promote healthy and safe lifestyles for our employees and their families.

Environmental stewardship: Our commitment to the environment goes beyond legal compliance and extends to actions intended to reduce our environmental footprint through our operations, products, and supply chain. In our operations, this commitment is reflected in our efforts to prevent pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve natural resources – efforts incorporated into supply-chain commitments. We also design our products for the environment (considering raw materials and energy efficiency, for example) and incorporate life-cycle impact into their design. Together, these efforts support MainLink eSports overall sustainable business model.

Customers, suppliers, and contractors: We partner with our customers, suppliers, and contractors to ensure compliance, promote safety, reduce our collective environmental footprint and develop sustainable solutions to the world’s environmental and power management challenges.

Community and government: We are committed to producing products in safe workplaces that are environmentally responsible.

Supply chain

MainLink eSports “Supplier Code of Conduct” helps us to select business partners who follow workplace standards and business practices that are consistent with our company’s values. These requirements are applied to every supplier of MainLink eSports globally. It is the responsibility of the supplier to understand and ensure compliance with the policies, procedures and work instructions of MainLink eSports. 

MainLink eSports Ethics Code:

  1. Conflicts Of Interest: All of MainLink eSports employees are expected to use nondiscriminatory practices throughout the supplier selection process. Every employee is expected to avoid any situation in which his or her interest (or those of his or her family) may conflict with the interest of the company. Every employee with a financial interest in any actual or potential supplier or the customer must disclose that interest to his or her supervisor immediately.

  2. Records, Funds, and Assets: Every individual involved in creating, transmitting, or entering information into MainLink eSports financial records is responsible for doing so accurately, completely, and with appropriate supporting documentation. Compliance with established accounting procedures and controls is necessary at all times. MainLink eSports records, books, and documents must accurately reflect all transactions and provide a full account for the organizations’ assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses.

  3. Protecting Information: You must safeguard all personal and confidential information about our clients by ensuring that client information is used only for authorized purposes relating to your job, is only shared with authorized persons and organizations, and is properly and securely maintained.

  4. Outside Relationships: We support and respect the protection of human rights and ensure that our business partners and suppliers do the same. We ensure that child labor, prison or forced labor, and physical punishment is never permitted in any operation of MainLink eSports.

  5. Employment Practices: Each employee will treat every other employee, every customer, every vendor, and all others met in the course of work with dignity and respect. Harassment of any type in the workplace will not be tolerated.

  6. Obeying the law: We respect and obey the laws, rules, and regulations applying to our businesses around the world. 

  7. Competing ethically: We gain a competitive advantage through superior performance. We do not engage in unethical or illegal trade practices. 

  8. Acting with integrity: We do not offer or accept bribes, kickbacks or inappropriate gifts or entertainment. We engage in business practices that are consistent with our ethics and values.

  9. Delivering quality: We are committed to producing quality products and providing quality services.

MainLink eSports Core Values:

  1. Make our customers the focus of everything we do,

  2. Recognize our people as our greatest asset,

  3. Treat each other with respect,

  4. Be fair, honest, and open,

  5. Be authentic and innovative,

  6. Benefit the community and environment,

  7. Keep our commitments,

  8. Strive for excellence,

  9. Compete intensely, and

  10. Win – Win – Win.