About Us

“Micro-Logistics is the use of lightweight electric vehicles and micro-warehouses for the first-mile and last-mile transportation of people and packages in an urban setting.” -Jeff Varkonyi

MainLink Micro-Logistics provides products, services, and information for the entrepreneur that desires to build an urban transportation company. 

We provide lightweight electric vehicle products in the form of e-scooters, e-bikes, etc. We also provide logistics intelligence services to help you manage your urban transportation vehicle fleet.

MainLink Micro-Logistics offers a complete turnkey service to handle all of your micro-logistics needs to help you succeed as you build your fleet of lightweight electric vehicles.

“Our mission is to provide products, services, and information for the urban transport of people and packages using lightweight electric vehicles that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.” -Jeff Varkonyi

For more information: info@mainlink.com