About Our Store

We are proud official affiliates of Amazon.com. We believe Amazon to be the leader in providing quality products at very competitive price points combined with their fast shipping and quality customer service.

MainLink Logistics select products that we believe will be of interest to our customers and website visitors.  When you click the “Buy Now” button to make your purchase you are taken to the Amazon webpage for that product. You will get the lowest price that Amazon is offering at that time. This price may be different than the price on our website due to when the product was added. When you are on the Amazon website all orders are processed through Amazon. You will not see the MainLink Logistics cart add anything that you buy on Amazon. 

Products that have the “Add To Cart” button are products that we are developing to meet the needs of our viewers and customers in the logistics industry. Anything purchased directly from MainLink Logistics will show in our shopping cart. Currently, our products and services are in development.

Thank you,

Jeff Varkonyi,
President & CEO
MainLink Logistics